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A holiday in Messina

In Messina, the first port of call for those arriving from the Strait, you can breathe in the whole atmosphere of Sicily. Known as the “Gateway to Sicily”, Messina lies at the northeastern tip of the island, in front of the Strait of the same name. The city is very famous for its port: the frontrunner in Italy in terms of the number of passengers in transit. Messina is a beautiful city that certainly deserves to be visited as it is full of history and art, and also offers a fabulous coastal landscape and excellent cuisine.

Messina, between the past and the future

Torre Faro, better known as Capo Peloro, or simply the Strait of Messina, is one of the most evocative places in Sicily. In this strip of land that stretches to divide the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Ionian Sea, you can enjoy a spectacular view, as well as admire and be able to swim in very clear and very inviting waters.

Thanks to its shape, Torre Faro is washed by two seas and offers a huge number of beautiful beaches. The seabed is mainly rocky and rich in fish, very suitable for diving. But there are also beaches with fine sand or pebbles. Here there are both beaches equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas with the possibility of eating, and free beaches where you can relax and enjoy the silence and tranquility of nature.

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