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Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Favignana and experience your dream vacation. with its rocky seabed and white sand, offering varied panoramas distinguished by the turquoise sea of ​​its coves and by ancient buildings that bear witness to its glorious past.

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A holiday in Favignana

Thanks to Liberty Lines you can enjoy a unique experience on the largest of the Aegadian Islands. An ideal place to reconcile with nature, to move about on foot or bicycle exploring the streets and paths that lead to the countless coves, each with its own uniqueness, from Cala Rossa characterized by a rocky seabed and turquoise water to Cala Azzurra with its pure white sand. Favignana offers extremely varied panoramas and backdrops, enriched by the presence of buildings that still bear witness to its glorious past: the ancient tuna processing plant and Villa Florio with its important Archaeological Museum.

Favignana, "the big butterfly on the sea"

Favignana is certainly the ideal destination from which to start a holiday in the Aegadian Islands, because the island, as well as being the largest in the archipelago, is also the best connected by transport and is a perfect starting point for visiting Levanzo and Marettimo. The best way to get around the island is by scooter or bicycle, so that you can easily reach all the coves and inlets, even the most isolated.

The island offers numerous excursions: from the Sport Fishing Charter for the more adventurous, to a visit to the hypogeum gardens or a boat trip stopping at the sea caves. The city centre is composed of two main squares connected by a street where there are bars and restaurants. There is no doubt that the centre of Favignana offers its visitor a relaxed and peaceful environment, ideal for a beach holiday away from the hectic life of the city. Particularly tasty are the dishes to be savoured based on tuna and local products, handed down through tradition. Of course, what Favignana excels at is undoubtedly the sea, still uncontaminated with amazing shades of colours and corners of paradise of golden beaches with very fine sand that are often tinged with pink thanks to the coral brought by the currents.

Ticket office in Favignana

If you prefer to purchase your ticket locally, you can go to the ticket office.

Reach Favignana by ship

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