Hydrofoils for Lussinpiccolo (Mali Lošinj​)

Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Mali Lošinj and experience the magic of untouched nature.

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A holiday in Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj is a charming Croatian town, the main town on the island of Lošinj. With its wonderful maritime landscapes, every year it enchants tourists who decide to spend their holidays on the shores of the magnificent Croatian coasts. Not to be missed is renting a bike with which you can go around the whole island. Moving inland, in fact, the landscape changes, the whole territory is taken over by green forests and pinewoods ideal for walking, trekking or excursions into nature. Thanks to the new Liberty Lines connections, in a very short time you can reach a sort of natural paradise made of bays and heavenly beaches, which have little or nothing to envy from the most famous tropical islands.

Mali Lošinj, the town of sea captains

The sea is beautiful, transparent and enchanting in every part of the island: it is the beaches that vary depending on the area. If you love rocks you have nothing to worry about, in every corner you can find interesting places from which to jump and swim or where you can spend most of your day sunbathing or diving admiring the rich seabed.

The sandy beaches are located on the islet of Susak or in the vicinity of Mali Lošinj, to the southwest of the city, and in particular in the tourist pine forest of Cikat where the main hotels of the island are located.

Ticket office in Mali Lošinj

If you prefer to purchase your ticket locally, you can go to the ticket office.

Reach Mali Lošinj by boat

Mali Lošinj is within ship’s reach with Liberty Lines hydrofoils. What are you waiting for? Book your trip directly online.

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