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Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Lipari, an island of countless attractions, characterized by suggestive alleys of the village and breath-taking sunsets overlooking the blue and enjoy your dream escape.
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A holiday in Lipari

The largest of the Aeolian Islands is ready to welcome you with its countless attractions suitable for young people, couples or families. Disembark from the Liberty Lines hydrofoil and venture through the picturesque alleys of the village at the foot of the Rocca del Castello, which in the evening comes alive with a vibrant social life. If you are looking for relaxation, you can take advantage of the thermal springs or a simple nature walk to admire the red rocks in the Muria Valley that contrast with the white walls of pumice that characterize the island. Then dive into the clear waters that surround the island.

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Lipari, the island shaped by volcanoes in the heart of the Aeolian Islands

Lipari, from the touristic point of view, represents the right compromise between comfort, leisure and natural beauty. It is the largest island of the entire Aeolian archipelago with a high number of services and facilities, so it is considered more “citizen-friendly”. The centre offers a variety of shops that extend along a long avenue, where you can spend pleasant afternoons shopping and delicious evenings in the most renowned restaurants for their food and wine specialties.

Lipari is not only a tourist destination due to its scenic charm, it is also a cultural and artistic pearl: the epicentre of the entire history of the Aeolian Islands lies in the island of Lipari. The archaeological museum offers finds that are testimony to more than 5000 years of civilization throughout the archipelago and the island itself. It is located in the ancient bishop’s palace, adjacent to the majestic cathedral, religious symbol for the Aeolians and architectural beauty for all tourists.

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Ticket office in Lipari

If you prefer to purchase your ticket locally, you can go to the ticket office.

Reach Lipari by ship

Lipari is within ship’s reach with Liberty Lines hydrofoils. What are you waiting for? Book your trip directly online.

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