Hydrofoils for Levanzo

Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Levanzo, with its white houses and turquoise sea with wonderful backdrops and experience the magic of unspoiled nature. The island, with its ultra-white houses and turquoise sea with breathtaking backdrops, will allow you to experience a wonderful vacation in the magic of unspoiled nature.

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A holiday in Levanzo

The island of Levanzo welcomes you with its village of white houses overlooking the bay of the port, where the turquoise sea shines in the most intense light of the Mediterranean. As soon as you get off the Liberty Lines hydrofoil, let yourself be enveloped by the tranquil atmosphere of this small island before venturing into the various coves and their unspoilt nature, without forgetting to visit the famous Grotta del Genovese with its prehistoric graffiti. At the end of an excursion full of sea and nature you can enjoy the romantic sunset from the Faraglione, one of the most beautiful places in the archipelago.

Levanzo, the wild island of the Aegadian Islands

Levanzo is the smallest and most evocative of the Aegadian Islands, a place where time has stopped and the turquoise water of the sea reminds us of tropical paradises far away. Together with Favignana, Levanzo is the Aegadian island closest to the mainland. Located to the west of Trapani, it is 10 kilometres squared, five kilometres long and two kilometres wide. The highest point is Pizzo del Monaco, which reaches 278 metres and from the top of which you can admire a unique view.

The resident population consists of about 200 people, almost all concentrated in Cala Dogana, which is a small fishing village and the only real inhabited area on the island, which is completely devoid of carriage roads and for its water supply relies on a single well located on the southern side. The very act of pumping the lever of the well (“leva in su” – literally “lever up”) could be the origin of the name Levanzo, which according to others derives instead from the name of an illustrious man, Laepantio, or from the sailors of Levanzo.

Ticket office in Levanzo

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Reach Levanzo by ship

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