Blue Card

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The “BLUE CARD “in digital format, may be issued to passengers with disabilities and for those who demonstrate by means of a disability certificate that they can benefit from the fare reduction by attaching:

  • Certificate issued by the competent ASL (Local Health Authority) Medical Committees or the civil invalidity assessment report sent by INPS, certifying that the person is recognised as falling within the categories set out in Article 1 of Law 18/80 and subsequent amendments and additions, in particular Law no. 508/1988, or other appropriate certification certifying such entitlement: copy of the court judgement, in the case of recognition due to a judgement, of the right to the accompaniment allowance by INPS

Conditions and validity

  • The Blue Card is free and valid for one year. If the disability has been declared reviewable, the validity of the card is equal to that indicated in the certificate of incapacity, but not exceeding one year;
  • The ticket must be retained for the entire duration of the journey and must be presented at any request of the ticket inspector.
  • In the event of any irregularities behind the issue of the ticket, or in the event of fraudulent use, online purchases will be banned and it will be mandatory to proceed with the purchase of the compliant ticket as per our General Terms and Conditions of Transport.
  • The Blue Card is valid for all connections operated by Liberty Lines, including international routes;
  • The free companion will only be granted to 100% disabled people.
  • Residents with a 100% disability, who are entitled to the PMR FREE Companion, will still need to register in order to obtain this benefit.
  • The Card is strictly personal and non-transferable;
  • Please note that in the event of missing documentation, missing data, incorrect documentation or forged documentation, the application for the Card entitling the applicant to the benefit will be rejected.

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