Liberty Business

On the side of the workers

We introduce Liberty Business, the tailor-made solution that enables workers to make savings on the cost of a ticket. Liberty Business is a commercial initiative devoted to all non-resident workers motivated by documented on-site service needs, with a duration of not less than three months under which the passenger can enroll in our loyalty program, promoted and managed by Liberty Lines S.p.A., by purchasing the Carnet Liberty Business which contains a pre-determined number of coupons to be used to take benefit of 60% fare discounts on the relevant route and with a time period validity of 75 days.


The Carnet “Liberty Business” can be acquired at all Liberty Lines social ticket offices or by calling 0923 022022, only after registration on the appropriate area of our official website, by following the indications therein (www.libertylines.it).

How it works

The “liberty business” option will be saleable only to individuals who can demonstrate that the following conditions are met:

  1. ownership of subordinate employment relationship at the Sicilian minor islands or
  2. membership in the FF.OO or 118 Service with a place of employment in the smaller Sicilian islands.

The period of Liberty Business is 75 days, starting from the first activation (use of the first ticket). The Liberty Business release requirement must be attested by submission of a copy of the contract of employment/certificate of service detailing the location of the assignment and its duration.


The Carnet Liberty Business is nominative and Strictly personal, not transferable and is validly usable only if it is accompanied by a valid identification document of the owner. In the Booking area, when requesting your Liberty Business, you will need to attach the below documentation, with the CONSENT FORM

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