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A holiday in Linosa

With Liberty Lines you can easily reach the black beaches of Linosa and venture onto the island to enjoy an intense experience of trekking or a simple excursion. It is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean, and be able to admire its three headlands, Monte Vulcano, Monte Rosso and Monte Nero, as well as its unforgettable beaches, including Cala Pozzolana, where you can observe the laying of turtle eggs. On this small island the black of the volcanic beaches meets the blue of the purest sea, offering unforgettable sensations.

aliscafi linosa pelagie
aliscafi linosa pelagie sicilia

Linosa, mediterranean seduction

In the Strait of Sicily, perched on a sandy seabed at a depth of about 500 metres, Linosa is an island of volcanic origin which, together with Lampedusa and Lampione, is part of the Pelagie archipelago (from the Greek Pelaghià, islands of the high seas). Beautiful and wild, black due to the lava rock, with its high coasts full of coves and with its extinct volcanoes that stand out against the blue sky, it is ideal for spending a holiday in complete tranquility, bathing in the sun and sea.

Being far from the main tourist routes, there are few hotels on the island so those who want to stay there can rent one of the many apartments or bungalows made available by the inhabitants themselves. Linosa has three piers and is connected daily to Lampedusa and Porto Empedocle by ferry or hydrofoil.

Ticket office in Linosa

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