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What you need to know to travel with your friends

Small animals must be kept in special carriers for the duration of the journey. Medium or large dogs must be equipped with a leash, health certification that the Company reserves the right to request before the harness and must wear a muzzle. Make sure you meet all the necessary requirements by carefully reading the Conditions of Carriage of Pets.

Unless otherwise stipulated by law, the transport of dogs, cats and other small live animals is allowed, accompanied by passengers. Dogs must be equipped with a leash and muzzle, whilst other small animals must be placed in a cage or basket, to be taken care of by the passenger. Passengers with animals must remain within the specially-reserved areas or accommodate animals in the kennels onboard, whereby the watercraft is so equipped. Exceptions are made for guide dogs for sight-impaired persons. Owners are responsible for and must take care of the transportation of pets and their maintenance. In addition, the transport of domestic animals accompanying passengers is regulated by the sanitary provisions dictated by the competent authorities. The passenger is obligated to liberate the Company from any responsibility and burden that may arise in this regard as a consequence of or due to failure to comply with the aforementioned regulations and existing laws. The Company shall not be held accountable for any injuries that the pets may suffer, if the causation arises from a cause not attributable thereto. The transportation of other animals may only be effectuated on ferryboats exclusively utilising specific vehicles, duly certified and on trips and on schedules coordinated with the Company in advance.

General conditions of passenger transport on board the fast vessels of the “Liberty Lines S.P.A.”

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