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A holiday in Trieste

Beautiful and cultured, Trieste is the most cosmopolitan city in Italy. Here you can breathe in the glorious Habsburg past that made it “the little Vienna on the sea” and in the crossroads of languages, peoples and religions that still characterize it today, you can easily feel its soul, both Central European and Mediterranean. The heart of the city is the most beautiful and most symbolic of its squares, now dedicated to the Unification of Italy.

Trieste, between history and culture

The buildings that overlook it are a perfect synthesis of the history of Trieste. he most spectacular side of the square, however, is the one facing the sea, on which the Molo Audace pier stretches for over two hundred metres. From here, the view goes beyond Piazza Unità and opens onto monumental buildings, the Greek Orthodox church of San Nicolò, the Grand Canal, the centre of what was once the village commissioned by Maria Theresa of Austria and that with its churches testifies to the happy coexistence of different religions.

In the distance, you can see the white profile of Miramare, the romantic castle of Maximilian and Charlotte of Habsburg. Trieste is also the city of coffee. A free port for the import of coffee since the eighteenth century, the port of Trieste is still the most important in the Mediterranean for its trade. But coffee in Trieste also goes with literature: there are numerous and beautiful literary cafés, historical places with retro charm once frequented by great authors such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba, and still much loved by writers and intellectuals today. Taking a break in one of Trieste’s historic cafés is a true ritual not to be missed.

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