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A holiday in Poreč

Poreč, a small town 65 km from Trieste, is a popular tourist destination. It was transformed from a Roman Castra into a city during the reign of Octavian and in the first century it was proclaimed Colonia Iulia Patentium. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, French and Austrians followed one another. Each population left its mark. The city’s urban imprint is Roman, centred on two perpendicular axes, the Decumanus and Cardo Maximus, around which the houses and shops are gathered.

Porec, between pearls of milennary histories and tourism

The city centre can be reached from any apartment, hotel or campsite by walking in the shade of the pine trees that stretch along the coastal promenade: here you can also go cycling, or board the tourist train and choose between three main directions. In the summer there are numerous bars and cafes with outdoor terraces to stop at, benches to rest on while looking out to sea and sports fields where you can train.

The St Nicholas Chapel: 173 steps lead to the top of the cliff and there are resting points and lighting, while from the chapel’s bell tower you can enjoy a breathtaking view. A visit to the old town can start from Trg Slobode (Freedom Square) from which you can access the Decumanus and continue by choosing one of the narrow streets paved with the white of the city, while from the seafront promenade you can enjoy the romantic view of the northern part of the city. From here you can continue towards the Riva Laginja up to the sea and towards the Riva Marsal Tito, following the walls and around the entire historic centre of the city.

There is enjoyment to be had everywhere in Poreč, for example walking from Trg Slobode (Freedom Square) and heading towards the seafront promenade during the summer evenings, you will have music as the background to your walk, coming from clubs, piano bars and cafes, and those who want to test their luck can take advantage of the Poreč casinos. Every night a different show is offered on the outdoor terraces of hotels and restaurants and you can even dance under the stars. Poreč is also home to the region’s largest night club, the Byblos. But the Byblos is not the only place to try, among others there is the Villa Club, the Sunset Lounge Bar and the Café del Mar.

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