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Lost property

The lost property search service is dedicated to all Liberty Lines customers. It is possible to find or report a lost item while traveling by following the directions.

I have lost an item

Please provide us with the exact details of your trip (place of departure, place of destination, date and time of departure). It would be even better if you could also give us your booking number.

The better you can describe the lost or found item to us, the quicker we can determine the owner of the lost item.

I found an item

It is possible to report an object found on board our vehicles or near our stores, so that it can be returned to its rightful owner.

You will simply have to report and deliver the unattended object to the staff dedicated to the Customer Service or to the Ticket Office staff if you are near boarding or to the crew for objects found on our boats, to ensure that the due return method.

The objects found will be kept and delivered only if claimed.

Thank you for making our search easier!

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