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A holiday in Milazzo

Milazzo, a town of over 32 thousand inhabitants in the province of Messina, is a tourist centre of great interest. Situated between the gulf of the same name in the east and the gulf of Patti in the west, it is the essential departure point for the Aeolian Islands, Tindari and the Nebrodi Park. Going around Milazzo means discovering an ancient city where the historical stratifications demonstrate the evolution of the area, together with that of the people who have followed one another here, driven by the beauty of the place and the strategic position that still makes it an important port as well as important commercial and tourist destination to reach the most beautiful places in Sicily. It is the place where you can find different types of beaches, such as those formed by the Mediterranean sand eel, the characteristic white-grey-black fine gravel.

Milazzo, highly valued monuments and picturesque landscapes

During the Christmas period, the Frederick II Castle hosts markets with traditional products and crafts. Between Christmas and the Epiphany there is also a Live Nativity scene in the medieval atmosphere of the castle. On the first Sunday of May they remember St. Francis from Paola, and two days later there is the Feast of the “berrettella”, the hat used by the saint during his stay in Milazzo, with a procession of boats at sea.

In June, there are two days dedicated to St. John the Baptist, a religious procession, markets and musical performances. In July, the Squid Festival. In the first days of August there is the Aubergine Festival in Santa Marina, a suburb of Milazzo, in conjunction with the National Folklore Festival. Also in August, the Fresh Fish Festival is held along the Garibaldi seafront, near the Vaccarella fishing quarter. Around the 28-29th August, or sometimes the first days of September, the celebrations in honour of St. Stephen the Protomartyr, patron saint of the city. Between the end of August and the first days of September, it is time for the GnamFest, a European Festival of street food. In the first ten days of November, the St. Martin’s Festival is held, with tastings of sandwiches with sausage, chestnuts and young wine.

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