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Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Trapani, with its elegant historic heart and its promenade, famous for the processing of coral and salt, contains splendid monuments from the Baroque era and in Liberty style.

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A holiday in Trapani

Trapani, with its characteristic historic centre, contains splendid monuments from different eras in a fascinating ensemble. Known as the City of Salt and Sailing, over time it has developed a flourishing economic activity linked to the extraction of and trade in salt, taking advantage of its natural position, projected towards the Mediterranean, and its port, an ancient commercial outlet and the logistic and strategic base for Liberty Lines.

Trapani, the city of sea, salt and wind

The Cathedral, whose exquisite Baroque facade is one of the pleasant discoveries one comes across while exploring the narrow streets of the old city. The present building reflects the 18th-century restoration with stucco and paintings by important artists of the Trapani school; also inside is a painting by the Flemish Van Dyck, depicting the Crucifixion. On the seafront, continuing to the right behind the church, you will arrive at the elegant portico used for the fish market.

One of the city’s symbols is the Ligny Tower, located on the furthest point of the coast: conceived as a fortress, over the years it later became a lighthouse and today houses the Museum of Prehistory. Castello del Mare, known as Colombaia, is also a site rich in history: it was in fact the scene of the struggle between the Romans and Carthaginians. Particular is the Clock Tower, dating back to the 13th century and located on one of the city’s watchtowers.

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