Hydrofoils for Marettimo

Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Marettimo. A wild and uncontaminated island, a favorite destination for divers, for its cobalt blue seabed and for hikers who love to wander among the suggestive paths with unforgettable landscapes.

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A holiday in Marettimo

This large promontory that lies quietly on the sea is the furthest of the Aegadian islands, but it is easily accessible thanks to the connections offered by Liberty Lines. Its wild and uncontaminated nature makes it a raw jewel, which can be fully admired on foot, on the back of a donkey or by boat. By boat is the only way to reach the most extraordinary ravines of its coasts, where, if you are lucky, you can also see some monk seals, as well as the poignant landscapes that this enchanting place guards.

Marettimo, "the sacred island"

Marettimo, the westernmost of the Aegadian Islands, is about 20 miles from Trapani. It has an area of 12.3 square kilometres and its highest peak is Mount Falcone, at 686 m above sea level. Besides being the furthest from Sicily, it is also the wildest and most uncontaminated island. It has 680 inhabitants.

Its name Hierà Nésos, which is of Greek origin, means ‘sacred island’. The name that we know it by today, however, comes from the Latin Maritima, probably because of the abundance of wild thyme on the island. Sea, beaches, unspoiled nature and much more!

Ticket office in Marettimo

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Reach Marettimo by ship

Marettimo is within ship’s reach with Liberty Lines hydrofoils. What are you waiting for? Book your trip directly online.

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