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Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Vulcano, a volcanic island with suggestive landscapes and enjoy your dream vacation. Book your vacation in the magnificent of the Aeolian Islands archipelago now!

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A holiday in Vulcano

To the south of the Aeolian archipelago stands Vulcano. Easily reachable thanks to Liberty Lines connections, it is an island that welcomes you with its harsh but hospitable nature. Between the hot springs that make the sea a true thermal pool, the pools of therapeutic hot mud and an excursion into the active crater, this island offers the opportunity for unique and rewarding experiences.

Vulcano, the power of nature

Vulcan, of all of them, is the island that harks back to that ideal relationship of man with the primordial, the need to feel perfectly part of a nature that has in itself everything needed for man’s psychophysical well-being. Vulcano is the island that most resonates with that ideal relationship between man and the primordial, the need to feel perfectly part of a nature that has within it all that is necessary for the physical and mental well-being of man. Man’s actions carried out on the island fit so perfectly with that ideal understanding and balance, so much desired by lovers of paradises like this one, that technology and nature can join forces: partially intervene on the environment, without damaging its naturalness, with the sole purpose of bringing out, as much as possible, the resources already present.

It is not by chance that you can enjoy the benefits of thermal and sulphurous waters. The volcano dominates the island, watches over it like an old guardian, heir to the mythological allure conferred on it by the Greeks and Romans who, because of the volcano, called the island “warm land” (Terasia).

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Ticket office in Vulcan

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