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A holiday in Porto Empedocle

It is one of the most important ports of call on the south-western coast of Sicily from where, until recently, the loads of sulphur and rock salt from the inland mines left for all over the world. From here ships and ferries leave for the islands of Linosa and Lampedusa. Originally Porto Empedocle was only a fishing village called Marina di Girgenti, then in the 15th century an important “Loader” for wheat was established, an activity closely linked to the economic life of Agrigento.

Porto Empedocle, cradle of history and culture

The place was defended from the raids of the Turks and pirates from the tower (the Charles V Tower) built in 1554 by Charles V, which the Bourbons used as a prison at the end of the 18th century. Around 1830 the wharf began to assume considerable importance in the export of sulphur so many traders from many areas, but especially from nearby Agrigento, moved there helping to create a real town with a church, buildings, warehouses, cafés and so on.

In 1853 it became an autonomous municipality and took the name of “Molo di Girgenti” (Girgenti’s Wharf). A decade later it assumed the present name of Porto Empedocle, in honour of the philosopher Empedocle from Agrigento. A source of inspiration for famous writers, Porto Empedocle is a destination for those who are not satisfied with a sun-sea holiday, but are looking for history, art and culture. In addition to being the birthplace of the great Nobel prize-winning playwright Luigi Pirandello, it is here that the writer Andrea Cammilleri was born.

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