From 16 May to 14 September 2020


Liberty Lines offers many opportunities for a school trip.
From 16 May to 14 September 2020, leave from Trieste to Istrian coast!
On Board you will can reach the beautiful towns of Rovinj and Porec from Trieste by sea, enjoying the enchanting paths along the coast!
Istria is love at first sight, which develops when you discover all its beauties, its heart and soul. It is a country of rich traditions, blue sea, sunny vineyards and red earth.


Porec - guided city tour

Walking down Decumanus to Euphrasius basilica, UNESCO’s world cultural heritage Porec is a city in Istria situated on the western coast of the peninsula and it dates back to the ancient time of the Roman Empire. Porec's tiny downtown fascinates me with its centuries old past and each time I am here I walk through the Roman streets Cardus Maximus and Decumanus and I go to the Marafor square and the Temples and walk further to the waterfront where I admire quietly the blue of the Adriatic sea, the blue Istria and the islands in front of the town. Of course, I never miss to visit the most important building in Porec, Euphrasius Basilica, a cathedral from the 6th century. Since 1997 the whole complex has been classified under UNESCO’s world cultural heritage. I must also mention that every year in May Porec hosts Vinistra the biggest croatian event and meeting of wine producers where you can also taste typical local wine, Istrian Malvasia and Teran and try some delicacies such as istrian extravirgin olive oil and istrian truffle.

Visit time: approx 1 h
What will we see: Euphrasius Basilica from the 6th century, Decumanus street, gothic palaces, the towers of Porec, Romanesque House
Parenzo Walking Tour180,00€ per group max 49 people
Lunch: 20,00€ for Person
Ticket Boath: 16,00€ round trip


Rovinj - guided city tour

Batanas, Spàcio and Saint Euphemia's church
Rovinj is a pearl on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. Its little streets made in istrian stone called "biancone" winding narrow to the top part of the town and ending at the saint Euphemia's church conquer me each time with theirs beauty, their thousands chimneys and stories from Rovinj. I listen to local people talking in istriota, a dialect that derives from vulgar latin and that is still in use nowadays, I watch the batanas, typical boats of this place, and the fishermen sailing them with craft, I sit at a caffè in waterfront and admire the sunset or I go for a glass of wine in a "spàcio" , typical canteen in Rovinj. Rovinj really makes me fall in love with it each time.

Visit time: approx. 1,30 h
What will we see: the Baroque church of St. Euphemia, Califfi palace, Balbi's Arch with its peculiar Venetian lion, Municipal Palace, Grisia Street
Parenzo Walking Tour180,00 € per group max 49 people
Lunch: 20, 00 € for Person
Biglietto monocarena Sofia M: 20,80 € round trip