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30 April 2022

Islands of Sicily: list of islands and how to reach them

Sicilian islands: which are the most beautiful to see in 2022

Crystal-clear sea with unspoilt beaches, wild nature, a pleasantly slow pace of life and a gastronomy that is the envy of the whole of Italy: the islands of Sicily certainly represent one of the highlights of this beautiful region, and a holiday in Sicily certainly has to include a visit to at least one of its archipelagos to be truly unforgettable.

The enchanting Sicilian islands attract thousands of visitors every year, bewitching them with their natural, artistic, cultural and architectural heritage: a true paradise on earth waiting to be discovered, in which to indulge in a moment of reconciliation with oneself and find one's nirvana. Which are the islands of Sicily and which are the most beautiful ones to see? How can you reach the Sicilian islands and how can you travel by sea to visit them all and enjoy an unforgettable tour?

Let's find out together!

Islands of Sicily to visit: complete list

Loved and envied by the whole world, Sicily and its small islands represent a fabulous archipelago teeming with beauty, treasures and scenery to be experienced. In total, there are 105 islands surrounding Sicily but, excluding the island of Sicily itself, there are 18 inhabited and easily accessible ones:

  1. Linosa
  2. Lampedusa
  3. Isola di San Pantaleo
  4. Favignana
  5. Formica
  6. Marettimo
  7. Levanzo
  8. Salina
  9. Lipari
  10. Vulcano
  11. Stromboli
  12. Panarea
  13. Alicudi
  14. Filicudi
  15. Ustica
  16. Pantelleria
  17. Isole delle Palme
  18. Ortigia

If you are planning a holiday on an island in Sicily for summer 2022, you will also be interested to know that most of them are part of three large archipelagos: Egadi Islands, Aeolian Islands and Pelagie Islands. Let's take a look at them in more detail.

[Spoiler alert]: reading on will make you want to book your trip right now!


Egadi Islands: a holiday in unspoilt nature

The Egadi Islands archipelago is located at the western end of Sicily, just 7 kilometres from Trapani beach, and consists of the islands of Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo and the islet of Formica. Upon arriving in these lands will feel as if time really has stood still! What makes Egadi Islands an essential stop on your tour of Sicily are the beautiful beaches, coves and stacks set in wonderful crystal-clear waters, with an excellent diversity of marine flora and fauna. What are the most popular activities for tourists in this area? Snorkelling, trekking and sailing!

Isola di Favignana
The crystal clear sea of the island of Favignana (Egadi)

At sea and beyond, the natural majesty of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo also extends to the mainland, with wild walks immersed in the most unspoilt nature and the discovery of a very rich birdlife: peregrine falcons, griffon vultures, pelicans, lesser kestrels, pink flamingos, herring gulls and many other bird species inhabit these islands!

In Aegadian cuisine, on the other hand, vegetables and fresh Mediterranean fish, such as tuna, are the stars. The typical dishes of the Egadi Islands? Couscous, frascatole, limpets with lobster, tuna meatballs, spaghetti alla bottarga, pane cunzatu (bread seasoned with local products) and the delicious cassatelle, filled with ricotta and chocolate chips.

How to get to Favignana (Egadi Islands)

The island of Favignana is certainly the most popular destination in the Egadi archipelago and can be reached in half an hour by hydrofoils of the Liberty Lines company, departing from Trapani and Marsala. With our high-speed transportation services, we help you define your entire travel itinerary by giving recommendations on how to get to Sicily even from the main cities in Italy!


Aeolian Islands: the seven pearls of the Mediterranean

The Aeolian Islands archipelago, named after Aeolus, the god of winds, is made up of seven islands of extraordinary charm facing the northeast coast of Sicily: Vulcano, Stromboli, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea, Salina and Lipari. Speaking of these veritable pearls of the Mediterranean, the land of wind, sea and sun, it will surely be useful for you to know that they are still active volcanoes, which may entice the most daring to climb them (as far as possible and in total safety!) in search of a pure adrenalin-fuelled adventure.

The island of Panarea is the smallest one but also the one with the liveliest nightlife, the perfect destination for a trip with your friends. The largest, however, is the island of Lipari, famous for its pumice stone, caves and bays. Salina? A verdant island and an oasis of peace that will delight you with the sweet aromas of Sicily's best-loved Malvasia wine!

Isola di Panarea
The colourful island of Panarea (Aeolian archipelago)

If you're going on an adventure hunt this summer, then don't miss Stromboli, an epic black expanse of lava beaches and lapilli, which at sunset will treat you with a view of its volcano's blaze, a unique spectacle!

Isola di Stromboli
The adventurous slopes of the Stromboli volcano (Aeolian archipelago)

If you are looking for peace and relaxation or for a trip with your family, you can certainly opt for the unspoilt islands of Alicudi and Filicudi, the oldest in the archipelago: these atolls set in the sea offer unique landscapes and unforgettable natural scenery. Try to visit them all because it is truly worth it!

Isola di Filicudi
The peaceful Island of Filicudi (Aeolian archipelago)

Aeolian cuisine? A perfect blend of country and sea traditions, recalling the scent of the sea and the typical colours of the landscape, with the use of aromatic herbs and typical products, such as the Aeolian caper and the characteristic pennula tomatoes.

How to get to the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian archipelago has no airport, but it is easily accessible by sea not only from the coasts of Sicily, but also from those of Calabria and Campania, with several and frequent connections. In order to get to the Aeolian Islands, it is therefore necessary to embark on a hydrofoil or ferry by sailing from cities such as Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Messina or Milazzo. Departing from the latter will also guarantee you the shortest sea journey to the Aeolian Islands, and you will reach your destination in just 1-2 hours (depending on the island you wish to visit)!


Pelagie Islands: Italy's southernmost archipelago!

Pelagie Islands, or islands of the high seas as Herodotus liked to call them, are the southernmost archipelago in Italy and include Linosa, Lampedusa and the rock of Lampione. A first curiosity about these islands of Sicily is that the last two are geographically part of the African continent, being closer to Tunisia than to Italy itself! Light blue, emerald green, deep blue: the thousands of shades of the Lampedusa sea are ready to leave you breathless, right where the seabed is so pristine and transparent that boats seem to fly!

Isola di Lampedusa
Unpolluted beach of Lampedusa (Pelagie)

While the island of Linosa, which borders the Strait of Sicily, looks like the protruding tip of an extinct volcano, the archipelago has become world famous for a natural pearl that is now uninhabited but boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Isola dei Conigli. It is precisely in this corner of paradise embraced by the Mediterranean Sea that a true wonder lies, immersed in an enchanted atmosphere and offering unparalleled scenery. It is not only the clarity of the waters and the immaculate beach, but it is also the incredible marine fauna that attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world.

How to get to Lampedusa

Contrary to what one might think, arriving in Lampedusa and visiting this Sicilian island is actually very easy, since it has an airport that, especially in summer, connects it with the main Italian cities. If, alternatively, you want to reach Lampedusa from Sicily, you can embark on one of the many hydrofoils that depart from the main coastal cities and in just four hours you will be at your destination. Set sail with Liberty Lines, you choose where to depart from!


Sicily's scattered islands: wonders waiting to be discovered

Now that you are better acquainted with the archipelagos of Sicily, all that remains is to explore the remaining Sicilian islands, small solitary hermitages that tower above the surrounding waters in true majesty. Sailing in these waters you will certainly find some of the most beautiful places to visit in Sicily!

How not to start with Ortigia? A delightful tiny plot of land that is home to the oldest heart of Syracuse and the city's true cultural and historical centre. Gorgeous millennial buildings stand here, bearing witness to a history stretching from Greek times to the Baroque age: examples include the Temple of Athena and the Cathedral of Syracuse, built in the 17th century.

Ustica, the island of the Palms, and Pantelleria, the black pearl of the Mediterranean, are certainly with a visit. The latter will captivate you with its wild, volcanic character, its unmissable gastronomy, its thermal baths and its dammusi on the sea, the iconic stone houses with Arabic-style architecture. A must on the island? The views to Tunisia!

Isola di Ustica
Ustica, a pearl in the Mediterranean Sea

How to get to Pantelleria

Liberty Lines offre con regolare frequenza dei rapidi collegamenti per raggiungere Pantelleria e godersi questo vero e proprio paradiso terrestre. Questa isola della Sicilia è infatti facilmente raggiungibile via mare con traghetti e aliscafi in partenza da Trapani.


Isola di Pantelleria
Panoramic view of Pantelleria

Islands of Sicily with airport

Thanks to Liberty Lines' high-speed transportation services, arriving in Sicily from major Italian cities and travelling between the Sicilian islands has never been easier! We work with other national transport companies to enable you to travel in the utmost comfort and offer you the possibility of planning your tour of Sicily in advance and down to the smallest detail! As mentioned earlier, you will certainly find it useful to know that two of the most important islands in Sicily also have an airport:

  1. Lampedusa Airport (Pelagie Islands);
  2. Pantelleria Airport.

Landing at Trapani airport in western Sicily may be the most convenient solution if you intend to visit Egadi Islands, which are only a few kilometres from the city's coastline.


Islands of Sicily: the map

Isole della Sicilia cartina
Map of the islands of Sicily and how to reach them

Buy your e-ticket with Liberty Lines to visit the islands of Sicily

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For any information on your trip to Sicily you can contact us at +39 0923 022022 or email callcenter@libertylines.it.

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