Continuano le iniziative di Liberty Lines rivolte ai territori.

L’ultima nata è Resident Card, uno strumento pensato appositamente per i residenti nelle isole minori siciliane (Eolie, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria, Ustica).

Per Ottenere la card occorre registrarsi, gratuitamente, sul sito o sulla app di Liberty Lines.

I possessori della card, che riceveranno un codice personalizzato, potranno poi acquistare i biglietti  online o sulla app. Tutte le Resident Card verranno inviate via mail, saranno disponibili solo in formato elettronico e avranno validità fino al 31 dicembre 2023. Le card saranno personali e non cedibili.

What You Need to Know If You’re Resident In One Of The Minor Sicilian Islands

In order to take advantage of the Resident rate, the Passenger must show a document showing the registration to the registry office of the Municipality of the Island interested in the connection and you will be required to show it, on the basis of the provision provided by art. 45 of D.P.R. 28.12.2000 n, 445, at the request of the crew and/ or ground. The document must be presented both at the time of purchase and at embarkation together with the ticket. The Residence in Sicily does not give the right to the facility. Those who at a check of the Company’s staff will be found with a non-compliant Ticket will not be allowed on board; if already embarked, will have to pay the full price of the ticket at the ordinary rate. The Ticket is valid only for the journey, the departure time indicated in it. Liberty Lines reserves the right to prosecute at the competent offices those not entitled.


Article 4 - Travel concessions

The Company grants travel concessions in the cases outlined in the price list. The concessions established in favour of those so entitled are applicable to the rates excluding all accessories. For any passenger who has the right to additional discounts, only the most favourable will be applied, given that the reductions are not accumulable. Passengers who benefit from the reductions must present a document entitling them to the reductions and are required to present it upon request to the staff onboard and/or the staff of the Company. Passengers who do not have this document will be denied boarding and the price of the ticket purchased will be reimbursed deducted from the penalties imposed by the transport conditions.