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Cancelled Trip – Missed departure – Refund

The purchase of the ticket implies the unconditional acceptance by the passenger to all the effects of law of the Liberty Lines S.p.A. General Transport Conditions.

The renunciation of the trip must be communicated by the passenger, by the following means:

  • Up to two hours before departure at any of the travel agencies authorised by the company to sell tickets or at the dockside ticket offices;
  • Up to 30 minutes before departure at the ticket office of the port of departure.

In this case the contract is terminated, and the passenger is due a refund of the ticket with the application of the penalties determined in the following percentages:

  • 10% for tickets cancelled up to the day before departure;
  • 25% for tickets cancelled on the day of departure and up to 30 minutes before the departure.

Reservation fees are never refundable. The refund of the ticket purchased at any desk front-office, may be made at any of the company’s ticket offices. 
The refund of an E-Ticket purchased online or through the call centre will be made on the same credit card used at the time of ordering by sending an official request to rimborsi@libertylines.it, indicating the E-ticket number and the reason. To receive a credit by bank transfer you can download the form below and send an email to rimborsi@libertylines.it
If you made the purchase through an Agency, having concluded a contract of sale through a third party and not directly with Liberty Lines S.p.A, you must forward your request for reimbursement to the latter.
The right to reimbursement without a request being received lapses in any case 6 (six) months from the date of departure indicated in the Ticket/E-Ticket.

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