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  • Quali Tratte collega la Liberty Lines?
  • What is a Voucher?
  • Dove posso acquistare un E-Ticket?
  • L’acquisto On-Line è sicuro?
  • Quali tasse sono comprese nel prezzo del biglietto?
  • Quali tasse sono comprese nel prezzo del biglietto?
  • Come posso realizzare una prenotazione di gruppo?
  • Can I book online or through your Call Centre and then pay for the ticket through an agency or at the ticket office?
  • Come posso avere la fattura del mio biglietto?
  • I dati di contatto devono essere gli stessi del passeggero?
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  • Is there a saving on round tickets?
  • If I purchase a ticket should I choose the departure time or can I leave when I wish? Is it possible to change a ticket for a different time or departure date?
  • Is there such a thing as a 'day ticket' that allows me to visit more than one island within the time line that I want?
  • How can I request a refund?
  • Il mio viaggio ha subito un notevole ritardo, mi spetta un rimborso?
  • Is it possible to change a ticket for a different destination or different port of embarkation (change of journey)?
  • Is it possible to change the name of departing passengers?
  • If I cannot depart and I have already purchased a ticket, how can I cancel it?
  • If the trip is not made for adverse weather and sea conditions, what should I do?
  • Come posso fare un reclamo o una segnalazione circa il servizio offerto?
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Supplements and Costs

  • What is an entrance ticket? Can I pay for one in a ticket office?
  • Are there special fares or discounts for senior citizens and students?
  • Must children under 4 years of age buy a ticket?
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Travel info

  • How early should I arrive at the port?
  • If I arrive late at the port and the vessel has just left, what will happen?
  • What is a connection (“Coincidenza”)? Does it mean I have to change vessel? Is the other vessel moored at the same pier as the one I am arriving in?
  • Is it possible to stand up during the journey? Can I ask to visit the bridge?
  • What services will I find on board Liberty Lines' vessels?
  • Do you only operate hydrofoils?
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Animals transport

  • Are animals allowed on board?
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Luggage and Lost Property

  • Are passengers allowed more than one bag?
  • May I embark my (electronic) bike?
  • Is it permitted to carry bulky items on board (eg pictures, television, etc. ..)?
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Liberty Card

  • Come si usa la Liberty Card?
  • Che validità ha la Liberty Card?
  • Perché devo sostituire la LibertyCard con il mio vecchio abbonamento?
  • Dove posso scaricare il modulo di richiesta?
  • Chi può richiedere la Liberty Card?
  • Se mia suocera è nativa delle isole minori Siciliane, posso usufruire anch’io della tariffa agevolata della Liberty Card?
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Special Rates

  • Se sono residente in Sicilia, posso acquistare un biglietto a tariffa residente?
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  • Numeri di informazione e assistenza
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