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Luggage and Lost Property

  • Is allowed carry many pieces of luggage?
  • Is it possible to board bicycles?
  • Is allowed transport bulky objects (ex. pictures, television, etc)?
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  • Which Islands does Liberty Lines connect?
  • Which kind of hydrofoil is used for the navigation?
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Where and how you can buy the ticket

  • How can I buy the ticket?
  • What are the advantages of online purchase?
  • The purchase online is safe?
  • What does the price of the ticket include?
  • How can i buy a group tickets?
  • I am resident, can I buy online?
  • Are there discounts for PMR passengers?
  • Can I request an invoice for my purchase?
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Refund and change ticket

  • How can I request the refund?
  • Which refunds are issued in case of delay?
  • It is possible to change boarding port or destination?
  • Is it possible to change the name of departing passengers?
  • If I can’t travel and I have already bought the ticket, how I can cancel it?
  • If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions what I must do?
  • Come posso cambiare data e/o orario del mio biglietto?
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Trip information

  • How early should I arrive at the port?
  • If I arrive late at the port and the vessel has just left, what will happen?
  • What is a connection (“Coincidenza”)? Does it mean I have to change vessel? Is the other vessel moored at the same pier as the one I am arriving in?
  • Can timetables and fees vary?
  • Is it possible to stand up during the journey? Can I ask to visit the bridge?
  • Are there discount for children?
  • Is safe for pregnant woman travel?
  • Is allowed bring pets on board?
  • Is allowed carry many pieces of luggage?
  • Is it possible to board bicycles?
  • Is allowed transport bulky objects (ex. pictures, television, etc)?
  • My journey from Trieste will be by bus, where will I go?
  • I minori possono viaggiare da soli?
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On line purchase - Booking On line

  • How can I sign in on the liberty lines website?
  • How can I set a new password?
  • How can I purchase on line?
  • How can I make sure that my reservation is confirmed?
  • What can I do if I don’t receive the confirmation email?
  • I paid my trip but I didn’t receive the e-ticket. what I have to do?
  • Is it necessary to insert all passengers name's during the procedure of booking on line?
  • When filling in the “name” fields an error message appears, what are the causes?
  • There is an error in the personal date that I have inserted. how can I do?
  • Can I book for a group on the website?
  • Can I cancel my reservation through the customer area?
  • Can I change the time/date of my trip through the Customer area?
  • Where can I find my tickets?
  • How can I find my trips if I have bought through an agency or tour operator?
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Trips suggested/multi-segment

  • Can I buy a ticket with many destinations?
  • What is the trip “multi – segment”?
  • Are there any travel/subscription booklets?
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  • Contacts
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Lost property

  • What should I do if I have forgotten or found an item:
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Suggestions and complaints

  • Come lasciare un reclamo o scrivere un suggerimento?
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Travel coupon regulation

  • Come posso utilizzare il coupon di viaggio?
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