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How can I request the refund?

The refund of the Ticket can be requested by filling in the form on the page
The e-tickets bought by Agencies or Tour Operator could be refunded by Agencies.

Which refunds are issued in case of delay?

The refund is issued based on the art.19 of the EU Regulation n.1177/2010.
The request must be sent to

It is possible to change boarding port or destination?

No, it isn’t possible to change the tickets with new route.
Within 2 hours before the time departure, the passenger could request the refund with the penalty established.

Is it possible to change the name of departing passengers?

No, it isn’t possible. It is necessary to cancel the ticket bought with a penalty and to buy a new ticket.
Liberty Lines will refund the invalid ticket net of penalties.

If I can’t travel and I have already bought the ticket, how I can cancel it?

The travel renounce could be communicated:
• Up to thirty minutes before departure, at any of the travel agencies authorized by the Company to sell tickets, through Customer Care or at the ticket offices of the airports;
In case of the cancellation of the trip the Company will retain:
• 10% until 24 hours before the departure
• 25% within 24 hours and until 30 minutes before the departure
If the passenger doesn’t request the cancellation until 2 hours before the departure, the refund isn’t granted.
In any case, the right to reimbursement of cancelled journeys within the time limits indicated above will expire 6 months from the date of departure indicated on the ticket.

If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions what I must do?

In case of cancellation of departure for reasons not attributable to the Company, the ticket price will be refunded in full. Alternatively, the Passenger may choose to change the day and/or time of departure to the first available trip or request a coupon for future departures valid for one year.
If the weather and sea conditions allow to foresee in advance the cancellation of departure, passengers who have purchased the ticket through the Agency, Website LIBERTYlines or Customer Care and who have left their contact details will be promptly contacted by phone, mail or SMS.
You can stay up to date on the status of departures through our website or our Telegram channels.

Come posso cambiare data e/o orario del mio biglietto?

Se desideri cambiare data e/o orario del tuo biglietto, ti invitiamo a contattare il nostro Customer Care entro 30 minuti prima della partenza per effettuare un cambio partenza corrispondendo gli eventuali supplementi e/o integrazioni tariffarie:
- 5% surcharge if change is requested within 24 hours of departure,
- additional 12% if requested after 24h and within half an hour before departure.

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