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How early should I arrive at the port?

The passenger has to show the ticket 30 minutes before the departure time.
For the international routes, the passengers have to go to the dock at the least 60 minutes before the departure for border formalities and check-in.
Beyond these terms the right to embarkation is not guaranteed.

If I arrive late at the port and the vessel has just left, what will happen?

After the departure, the ticket is not refundable.

What is a connection (“Coincidenza”)? Does it mean I have to change vessel? Is the other vessel moored at the same pier as the one I am arriving in?

The stop over is the stop for doing passengers landing and boarding operations. Is possible that during the trip there are more stop over but the passenger mustn’t leave his seat until the port of arrival.
The routes with transshipment require that the passenger change hydrofoil with a possible shift toward to an other boarding dock ( in close proximity).

Can timetables and fees vary?

Timetables, fares and travel conditions are subject to change, even without prior notice, for reasons not attributable to the Company and/or force majeure and/or justified reasons.
Passengers in possession of a Ticket/E-Ticket issued prior to the scheduled day of departure are, therefore, obliged to ensure (by contacting the Company's Custonare Care, at least the day prior to departure) that there are no changes to the transport service indicated on the Ticket.

Is it possible to stand up during the journey? Can I ask to visit the bridge?

No, for security’s sake you are required to remain seated during the navigation until the mooring operation. The command deck is an area accessible only and exclusively to the crew.

Are there discount for children?

- 0/11 months do not occupy a seat ( the baby must be held in the arms during the navigation)
- 1/3 years occupy a seat
(in both cases they travel free)

- 4/11 – occupy seat and pay a reduced fee

Kids under 12 years must be accompanied by adults.

Is safe for pregnant woman travel?

Yes, but we advice don’t travel in hydrofoil when the gestation period exceed 36 weeks.

Is allowed bring pets on board?

Our fleet don’t have holds for animals. However, it is possible transport them upon purchase an animals ticket.
Small pets must be kept in pet carrier or in the cage in case of birds.
The medium and large size animals must have leash and muzzle.
Don’t respect the requirement listed may lead to denial of boarding. The society reserves the right to ask during the boarding the animal health certification and the vaccination record.

Is allowed carry many pieces of luggage?

A small piece of luggage (10 kilograms) is free, each per person. For Kids 4/11 years is granted 5 kilograms.
The size of luggage must be 60x40x20.
Luggage exceeding this limit or further luggage are not free. It is necessary to pay the “ luggage ticket”. The society and the shipmaster may refuse to board luggage which are an impediment for a proper navigation.

Is it possible to board bicycles?

Bikes are only allowed on the connection from Trieste to the Istrian Coast and Mali Lošinj and vice versa.
For all other connections, bicycles, unicycles or the like are not permitted, with the exception of articulated bicycles*.

*The articulated (folding) bicycles must, however, be without a power supply battery and stored inside a special safety case.

Is allowed transport bulky objects (ex. pictures, television, etc)?

The Liberty Lines fleet are transport means only and exclusively for passenger and they don’t have luggage storage.

The society and the shipmaster may refuse to board objects which are an impediment for a proper navigation.

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