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How can I receive the invoice of my ticket?

To receive the tickets invoice it is necessary to register and create the billing profile,
filling in the form and attaching the identity card, at the end click on “Register profile”.
The invoice will be sent in accordance with the law.

If I buy a ticket, do I have to choose the time in advance or I can leave when I prefer? can I change my ticket?

Travel documents valid for boarding are not "open" and they must always have the date and return time of departure on them. Passengers who buy tickets must respect the indicated time.
The change of the time and the date could be done:
- At the ticket office
- On line, if you are signed in and if you have bought on your “Customer area”.
- Contacting the Call Center
In case of time or date change, the passenger has to pay a penalty.
After the time departure, the passenger can’t request the refund.

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