Where and how you can buy the ticket

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How can I buy the ticket?

• On our website www.libertylines.it
• At our ticket office situated in the port
• At the Travel Agencies

What are the advantages of online purchase?

The online purchase allowed you to receive the e-ticket valid for boarding.

The purchase online is safe?

Yes! The payment on our website are made on the platform XPAY of Nexi. Xpay guarantees the security of the transactions and the credit card details. Your credit card details are encoded and they aren’t intercepted.
Xpay implements countermeasures in case of suspect activity, such as significant amount payment or many transactions within a limited time. In case of such events, you can choose to receive a notice in order to check banking record or to refuse the transaction automatically.

What does the price of the ticket include?

The price ticket consist of the amount payment due to the transport including VAT plus extra charges, fares and port charges.
The port charges are established by government bodies responsible for handling of port facilities.

How can i buy a group tickets?

It is possible buy the tickets until 9 passengers on our website www.libertylines.it
If the group is constitued by 25 passengers, you can send an email to gruppi@libertylines.it or you can contact the number 0923/022022.

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