Loyalty program

Liberty Express


"Liberty Express" is a commercial initiative by virtue of which the passenger can subscribe to our loyalty program, promoted and managed by Liberty Lines S.p.A., purchasing the Carnet Liberty Express (c.d. CLE) containing a number (variable) predetermined coupons to be used to take advantage of tariff concessions, on the route of reference and with a time validity determined by the type of carnet chosen.
Il Carnet Liberty Express (CLE) potrà essere acquistato presso tutte le biglietterie sociali Liberty Lines, solo dopo essersi registrati sulla sezione apposita del nostro portale ufficiale, seguendo le indicazioni ivi previste (www.libertylines.it). I contributi di sbarco e /o i diritti autonomi (ove previsti),  dovranno essere corrisposti direttamente in biglietteria al momento dell'acquisto dei viaggi prescelti.
The Liberty Express Carnet (CLE) is nominative and strictly personal, not transferable and is valid only if accompanied by a valid identification document of the holder.

Tipologia di CLE


Carnet of 10 races

Con validità di 30 giorni dal primo giorno di convalida.
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Carnet of 20 races

Con i validità di 60 giorni dal primo giorno di convalida.
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Carnet of 26 races

Da usufruire entro il termine di 75 giorni - applicabile ai soli titolari di contratto di lavoro subordinato presso le Isole minori Siciliane, agli addetti del servizio 118 ed agli appartenenti alle FF.OO.
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Carnet of 40 races

Con validità di 90 giorni dal primo giorno di convalida.
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Regolamento Liberty Express

Period of validity (effective)

In all cases, therefore, the start of the period of validity of the facility (ie the CLE), will be the first day of validation, so regardless of the date of its purchase.


The CLE shall be valid only for the reference route indicated therein. At the time of the request for issuance of the CLE the passenger shall indicate the reference route that will be reported in the CLE.


Reimbursement of the entire Liberty Express Carnet (CLE) is only allowed before the beginning of the use of the same with the withholding of 20%. After the first use, the CLE is not refundable, even partially.

After the period of validity of the CLE, coupons that may not have been used may not be used or reimbursed, unless it is documented that the non-use was due to a cause attributable to Liberty Lines spa (including interruption of the line to which the reference section relates for a period of more than dd. 3)

Travel Conditions

The Passenger who buys the discounted ticket with the Carnet Liberty Express (CLE) is obliged to comply with the General Conditions of Carriage displayed at all the port ticket offices, social offices and on the website (www.libertylines.it). In particular, it must take care to keep the travel ticket issued by the CLE for the entire duration of the journey, providing to show it at any request of the control staff.

Prohibition of cumulation with other facilities

The benefits linked to the CLE can not be combined with each other or with other reductions and/ or promotions.

Fraudulent/Improper Use

In case of improper and fraudulent use of the coupon, the non-compliant ticket will not be refundable and the Company will reserve the right to enter your name in the Black List, providing for the immediate and permanent blocking of the carnet; will, instead, be refunded the coupons that, at the time of the need, will be not yet used.
The company reserves, possibly the right to denounce the offenders.