A fascinating history


A holiday in Ustica

An island as small as it is immensely beautiful, and easily accessible thanks to the connections offered by Liberty Lines. This is Ustica, a wild but hospitable territory, which offers, with its peaks, caves and tunnels, the most beautiful seabeds in the Mediterranean due to their incredible wealth of underwater flora and fauna. Its small village also offers scenic walks through its historic centre, between the Torre di Santa Maria and the Rocca di Punta Falconeria, accompanying you with its many picturesque murals that enrich this wonderful island with colours.

A fascinating history

Ustica is a very small volcanic island (8.6 square kilometres), part of a large submarine volcano, and it is also the oldest, emerging long before the Aeolian Islands. Its origin and the black colour of the lava determine the choice of the name, from the Latin “Ustum”, meaning “burnt”. Its jagged coastline hides beautiful caves, inlets and coves. The inhabitants live mainly from fishing and tourism, although specialized agriculture is increasing (vines, vegetables, cereals, and especially lentils).

After having been inhabited from the Chalcolithic era until the end of the Classical era, Ustica was exposed only to pirate raids until the Bourbon period, when some inhabitants from Lipari settled there. A penal colony that was active until the 1950s, Ustica has now become, thanks to its transparent waters and rocky coasts, a true paradise for scuba divers. Since 1987 it has been a marine reserve.


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