Santa Marina Salina

Beautiful sea, excellent facilities


A holiday in Santa Marina Salina

Through the Liberty Lines connections, you have the unique opportunity to visit this enchanting island characterized by its headlands overlooking the sea, the green vegetation and tranquil coves whose waters conceal the great treasures that only that seabed can guard. It is an island animated by a young and dynamic nightlife, which is accompanied by the discovery of glimpses of history that the local architecture preserves intact.

Beautiful sea, excellent facilities

The municipality of Santa Marina sits on the slopes of the Fossa delle Felci, where you can see a huge crater covered with shrub vegetation consisting mainly of ferns. As soon as you arrive in Santa Marina you can admire the beautiful eighteenth-century church with its characteristic bell towers. This area is the busiest point of the whole island because it is full of little shops and venues that in the evening are crowded with nightlife.

In the western part of the village, about 100 metres from the Santa Marina ring road, in Serro dell'Acqua, you can follow a path that leads through a vegetation of olive trees and fruit trees to the Saracen caves, which were dug into the tuff, hidden by dense vegetation and used as a refuge to escape the atrocious barbarity committed by the Saracens in around 650 AD. The caves, fascinating for their morphological structure, are composed of several communicating chambers in which, even today, engravings of crosses and numerous votive signs are visible.


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