Attracions full of charm


A holiday in Rinella

This small fishing village offers a unique panorama, dotted with natural caves carved into the rock where small boats find shelter. Liberty Lines offers direct connections to this hamlet of Salina, where you can experience fascinating attractions.

Attracions full of charm

The small fishing village of Rinella stands in a steep valley that leads directly to the sea. Evocative, unique and full of charm, this area is one of the most characteristic places on the island, where you can visit a beautiful beach of black sand in the shape of a crescent, topped by caves carved into the rock that served as a shelter for boats.

The shallow and sandy seabed is a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts who, in addition to marine flora and fauna, can observe the volcanic activity called locally “sconcassi”, which consists in the emanation of gases and vapours from the seabed. In the village there is the second port of the island with a small field of buoys for boaters.