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A holiday in Pantelleria

It is the black pearl of the Mediterranean, rich in history and natural beauty. One of the must-see stops for anyone who loves unspoilt nature, this volcanic island with its black beaches offers sea caves, stacks and lava flows overlooking the sea. The panorama of the island, arid and lush at the same time, is dotted by the traditional houses of Pantelleria, the Dammusi, which you can admire exploring the island between the coasts to discover the volcanic phenomena that turn its coves into real natural thermal pools. Liberty Lines offers fast and frequent connections to reach this true earthly paradise.

“The Black Pearl” of the Mediterranean

Pantelleria is a Sicilian island located in the middle of the Strait of Sicily The geographical position and the richness of the territory have played a fundamental role in its history: they have made it an immense heritage of biodiversity but also a place of welcome for the Mediterraneans.


not to be missed in Pantelleria