The luxury of simplicity


A holiday in Panarea

The smallest but also the least timid of the Aeolian Islands is Panarea, surrounded by many rocks that create a unique panorama in the archipelago. Liberty Lines offers daily connections with this bit of land in the middle of the sea, characterized by the scents and vegetation typical of the Mediterranean. Animated by a flourishing tourist life, this island offers an unforgettable sea with its beaches reachable only by boat.

The luxury of simplicity

Panarea is one of the most popular destinations for international tourism. This natural jewel has enchanted artists, writers, stylists and musicians so much so as to become, in the summer, a true red carpet! Panarea is a perfect mix of history, art, culture and worldliness, elements that come together to create a unique atmosphere.

This enchanting island offers 3.5 square kilometres of beauty, enchantment and natural and cultural refinement. The island's vitality will give you everything you hope to find in a dream holiday: worldliness and fun in its purest form as well as moments of peace and relaxation.


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