A fortress by the sea


A holiday in Otranto

Olive groves, ramparts, stone buildings and pastel colours define the profile of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The impression you will have is that of travelling back in time, through the narrow streets of the centre, the old traditions and the tastes of the local cuisine. But Otranto is not only an historic centre, it is also about beaches bathed by the crystal-clear sea that will enchant you from your first step off the hydrofoil. Without doubt one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Salento.

Otranto, a "UNESCO Heritage"

Otranto is situated on the Adriatic coast of the Salento peninsula, it is the easternmost town in Italy: the cape of the same name, also called Punta Palascìa, to south of the town centre, is the easternmost geographical point of the Italian peninsula. UNESCO has recognised the "ancient village of Otranto" as a cultural heritage site, as a "Messenger of peace" site. A village enclosed by the Aragonese walls, with white houses and a maze of narrow streets paved with bare stone converging towards the Romanesque cathedral, which in turn is distinguished by the imposing Renaissance rose window and floor mosaic depicting the Tree of Life and the Aragonese Castle. Not to be missed is the castle commissioned by Alfonso of Aragon at the end of the fifteenth century, standing close to the city walls, which is the backdrop for art exhibitions and events.

Discovering the charm of Otranto at night When the sun sets and the natural lights are dimmed, it is possible to discover the more mysterious parts of Otranto’s coastline. Crossing the Hermit’s path , when the sun sets and the natural light are dimmed, it is possible to discover the more mysterious parts of Otranto’s coastline..  A trekking tour in the early evening leads to the beach of Rinula and to Cala del Canale Cafaro where it is possible to swim in the golden waters, illuminated by the last rays of sunlight. Snorkel in the enchanted marine area and reach the A little bit of snorkeling, leaving to enchant by marine ecosystems, to reach the Cave of the Nun, the Cave of the Hermit and Grotta Sfondata.  Once you reach the Bay of the Turks you will be immersed in an oriental atmosphere, surrounded by sand dunes and the pine forest along the shore, the best place to end your trekking tour with an evening swim.


not to be missed in Otranto