Rich in history, sea and wine


A holiday in Marsala

At the westernmost point of mainland Sicily lies Marsala, a city linked to the homonymous wine, the landing of Garibaldi’s Thousand and the nearby Stagnone lagoon that with its salt pans – and not without reason – is considered one of the most evocative sceneries in the whole of Sicily. The city is full of light and it has many baroque buildings and churches, the environment is unique and reflects the presence of the sea and the many wineries, which we recommend you include visiting during your trip. Along with an interesting historical centre, Marsala can boast of beautiful beaches, where sporty people can enjoy the new fashion of kite surfing, taking advantage of the winds of the Strait of Sicily. Near the city, the island of Mozia is one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily.

Rich in history, sea and wine

The Stagnone Lagoon reserve in Marsala is a magical place, timeless, placed first in the special Expo ranking in the 2014 census. A breathtakingly picturesque natural landscape, of rare beauty for its colours, scents, the slow rhythm of the waves that gently rock the small fishing boats, the emotions evoked by the sunsets, and its white salt pans with their windmills. For its history.

The Reserve gets its name from the "Stagnone", a lagoon that stretches from Punta Alga to San Teodoro and which also includes four islands: Mozia, Isola Grande (or Lunga), Schola and Santa Maria. It is the largest in Sicily and is characterized by very shallow waters rich in fauna.


not to be missed in Marsala