A small ancient world


A holiday in Ginostra

The enchanting village of Ginostra, which stands out very white against the black promontories of Stromboli, is a unique place reachable only via an ancient mule track. With Liberty Lines you can dive into its transparent waters directly from its rocky walls and enjoy an enchanting holiday in peace and quiet.

Il piccolo villaggio posto sull’incantevole Stromboli è un'isola nell'isola

Until a few years ago the small village of Ginostra, located in the south-west of the island of Stromboli, held the record of having the smallest port in the world: the Pertuso (The Hole), set between the rocks, allows access only to one boat at a time and can moor only 3 small boats, the others are pulled onto dry land with the help of the characteristic phalanges, wooden beams along which the boats are slid.

The village, which has about thirty residents accustomed to solitude and tranquility, lies on a steep slope where the few houses, still today, maintain intact the traditional Aeolian architecture. For those who love peace and quiet this is a real paradise, the only sounds perceived are those of the wind, the sea and the clopping of the hooves of the mule, the only means of transport on the island, which carries goods along the steep mule track from the port to the village centre.


not to be missed in Ginostra