A small paradise


A holiday in Filicudi

Thanks to Liberty Lines you can visit this corner of paradise where you can admire its steep cliffs overlooking the sea or its beaches with their crystal-clear water. Enjoy the ancestral experience of squid fishing at night in a sea illuminated exclusively by the stars and let yourself be soothed by the island’s breathtaking panoramas framed by its eruptive rocks, rendering it a territory that is unique to the whole of the Mediterranean.

the magic Island

Filicudi awaits you for a journey of natural and historical beauty. The streets of the island speak of ancient history, of the traces of all the peoples that have passed through there leaving traces of extreme beauty. Filicudi is the right place for lovers of culture and natural beauty.

The unspoilt flora and fauna and the wonderful beaches of Capo Graziano are the ideal setting for a holiday that will exalt all the senses, from sight to smell, and your palate will be delighted by the Mediterranean cuisine and the local dishes: tasty and light seafood, meats and vegetables, because in the Aeolian islands culture begins and continues through flavours as well. You will lose your sense of time while admiring unparalleled sunsets of ever-changing colours, you will breathe a magical atmosphere, indeed, mythological.


not to be missed in Filicudi