Where the Ionian is bluest


A holiday in Corfu

Rich in history, culture and traditions, Corfu is certainly one of the best known and most appreciated Greek islands among the tourists. Its crystal-clear waters, white beaches, picturesque villages, natural beauty, romantic paths and nightlife are among the main attractions of this Homeric island. Its coasts offer a great variety. The western ones are rather rocky while the eastern and northern ones end gently in quiet sandy gulfs, where the green of the mainland is reflected in the transparent waters of the Ionian Sea. Thanks to the very fast connections of the Liberty Lines fleet you can reach this terrestrial paradise in the blink of an eye from Otranto.

Concentrated beauty and unspoilt nature

Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, facing the coast of Epirus, on the border between Greece and Albania. The ideal place if you want to immerse yourself in blue waters, explore heavenly beaches and, at the same time, discover the history of this island, which has experienced various dominations, such as that of the Angevins, the Venetian Republic, as well as the English and French.

You will notice the enchanting beauty of Corfu right away. Its charm dictated by the picturesque old town characterized by elegant Venetian-style porticoed palaces, its white monasteries, its Byzantine fortresses overlooking the sea and its verdant views full of olive trees, will turn your holiday into an exclusive experience. Conferences, information desks, workshops, arts and specialties on the holistic lifestyle in the warm atmosphere of the eastern Mediterranean. Visitors in Corfu from June 2 to 5 will be able to attend Yoga, TaiChi, Pilates Qi Gong, and meditation courses. Experts will also provide examples on herbal nutrition and holistic approaches for body and spirit to detox from the frenzy of everyday life.


not to be missed in Corfu