Silent and uncontaminated


A holiday in Alicudi

The smallest and most primitive of the Aeolian Islands is easily accessible thanks to Liberty Lines. Do not miss the opportunity to have a unique experience, away from the stress of the present, rediscovering the value of a minimalistic existence in full contact with nature. Alicudi, with its indescribable Mediterranean scenery, such as the Scoglio di Galera, is a timeless island.

Silent and uncontaminated

Solitary, uncontaminated and timeless, Alicudi is one of the seven islands of the Aeolian archipelago that, in the era of globalization in which we are all citizens of the world, allows you to return to the original relationship with nature and the essential.

On the island there are no cars or well paved roads, there is only the ancient beauty of long walks to be taken along rustic paths, on roads connected by a long staircase or on donkeys, the only means of transport, which facilitate the most difficult routes.