Hydrofoils for Vibo Valentia

Travel fast with Liberty Lines to reach Vibo Valentia and experience the magic of a vacation of Food, sea and beautiful nature excursions.

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A holiday in Vibo Valentia

Vibo Marina offers clear waters and white beaches, such as Fortino, Gagliardi, Bivona, Trainiti, up to Safò Bay, despite the presence of the port and its relevant activity. A land of ancient traditions, the whole area has an important gastronomic culture: the most famous specialty is “nduja,” which has a doughy consistency and a very spicy flavor.

The coast of the gods

The castle of Bivona (1442), which originated as a fortification against pirate raids, and the architectural complex of the “Tonnara” (1885) are just some of the wonders you can see when visiting Vibo Marina. Book your trip with Liberty Lines to discover the coast of the gods!

Ticket office in Vibo Valentia

If you prefer to purchase your ticket locally, you can go to the ticket office.

Reach Vibo Valentia by ship

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