Quality and safety

In full compliance with the social and economic duties attributed by law, Liberty Lines S.p.a. offers its customers the best quality level of services and high safety standards based on the following factors:

  • Safety while travelling
  • Passenger and personal property safety;
  • Additional services on board;
  • Services for travellers with reduced mobility;
  • Cleanliness and decor of the vessels;
  • Comfort;
  • Information to the passengers;
  • Relational/behavioural aspects of staff in contact with passengers;
  • Great quality service at the ticket office/call center;
  • Environmental awareness;

Safety on board is guaranteed by the high level of training and formation of the crew, and also by the numerous certification issued after periodic visits made by the Port Authorities and the Italian Naval Register -RINA-. Moreover, in 2015, Liberty Lines S.p.a. obtained the Legality Rating, given by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM). For further information please refer to the available attachments in this section.

Company certifications

We are pleased to inform our passengers Liberty Lines is committed to the adoption of a clear and formal company policy in compliance with the Safety, Health and Quality at sea and ashore, and has recently obtained two important certifications accredited by RINA recognized by all agencies national and international.
In particular, he obtained the certification EN-ISO 9001/2008 to monitor, understand, improve and meet the needs and expectations of our passengers already adopted by the commercial sector, extending from 26.10.2012 to all safety management activities designed to continually monitor and improve our performance and effectiveness of the control over our unit of the Safety Management System.
And it got later on 20.12.2012 OHSAS 18001/2007 designed to provide a safe working environment on board ships in which we operate by establishing and maintaining appropriate security measures to protect workers and passengers.
All certifications obtained include the design, construction, maintenance and repair of shipyard units Liberty Shipyard.

We are pleased to inform you that Liberty Lines S.p.A. has obtained with the R.I.N.A Service, the certification UNI ISO 37001:2016 Prevention of Corruption, designed to promote an organizational culture inspired by the principles of integrity, compliance and transparency, with the main goal of "zero tolerance". The system allows you to manage the possible risk of corruption and maintain the trust of stakeholders, ensuring that internationally recognised best practices have been implemented.