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Specialities from Pantelleria


The Passito di Pantelleria is a sweet dessert wine made exclusively from Zibibbo grapes grown in Pantelleria and using a natural drying method. Being a sweet wine, it goes very well with desserts or mature cheeses. To promote this product, Passitaly is organised every year: an exhibition dedicated to the passito of Pantelleria.

The Pantelleria Caper is a plant from which the still closed floral bud is picked between May and September. After harvesting, it is matured in brine with sea salt. The brining lasts about twenty days and serves to remove the bitter flavour of the just-picked caper and to enhance the other flavours. Pantelleria capers are also used to make delicious sauces and pâtés.

The “Bacio Pantesco” is a typical sweet from Pantelleria consisting of two pieces of crispy fried dough with ricotta stuffed between them. The Bacio Pantesco is now one the most popular desserts and one of the most served by local restaurants.