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Scala dei Turchi


The Scala dei Turchi is a splendid dazzling white jewel that frames the clear blue of the sea. The panorama cannot properly be described in words: you have to experience it by immersing yourself with all five senses in the magic of this incredible cliff of white marl. It is a fascinating place, where centuries of rain and wind have carved a natural staircase and whose white colour is made more dazzling by sunlight. The Scala dei Turchi (Staircase of the Turks) is not only a thing of nature but is also a place evoked in local legend: it is said that the Saracen pirates (for the Sicilians the label “Turks” is a negative connotation that indicates all those populations that were once dedicated to piracy), moored their ships in waters that were calm, clear and protected by the Scala, climbed those natural "steps" that led to the top of the cliff and plundered the villages around, including the village of Realmonte.