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The Lëkurësi Castle


One of the most beautiful panoramic restaurants in Albania, the Lëkurësi Castle was once an important Ottoman outpost, built with the clear intention of controlling the bay of Sarandë in an attempt to conquer and control the nearby Greek island of Corfu. A fascinating place, which really deserves to be visited if you are in this most fashionable district in the whole Albania. Not far from the town of Sarandë, Lëkurësi Castle was built in 1537 by Suleiman the Magnificent, the sultan who led the Ottoman Empire to its maximum expansion, with the intention of controlling the nearby bay. The large building had a square layout and two round towers at the opposite north-west and south-east corners, perfectly preserved together with a series of walkways and terraces, one of which is occupied by the restaurant that offers a menu based on typical local dishes, much appreciated by tourists from all over.

The island is reachable thanks to the convenient connections from Corfu with IONIAN SEAWAYS