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The Fossa Crater


Climbing the crater is like going on a Ferris wheel. The route you have to take along the side of the mountain offers enchanting views of the archipelago: in the foreground the peninsula of Vulcanello, straight ahead Lipari with Salina to the left, then Filicudi in the distance, Panarea on the right, flanked by its islets, and Stromboli in the background. The route is tiring but natural wonders make the effort worth it. Going up the smell of sulphur intensifies, but it is very evocative to walk on the red earth, characteristic of the rock that constitutes the volcanic mountain, it is like walking on another planet, or maybe around the edge of the ancient factory of weapons for the gods of Hephaestus. The show that the summit offers is worth all the effort that the climb requires. Impressive and fascinating, the great abyss of the Fossa Crater offers, as if it were a special effect on a Shakespearean theatre stage, a view of clouds of boiling sulphurous vapours which, emerging from the earth, colour the stone red and ochre yellow.