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The Church of Purgatory


The Chiesa del Purgatorio (Church of Purgatory) is one of the largest churches in Trapani. Built in 1688 on the site where there was already an Arab watchtower, which later became the church's bell tower, it is a very particular ensemble of styles. Worthy of note is its tower-façade, built in 1714 by Giovan Biagio Amico, who animated it with statues representing the apostles and Jesus. Hit by bombing during the Second World War, it never returned to its former glory as much of its façade was damaged. Inside you can admire the 22 groups of sculptures of the so-called "Mysteries" that, made in Trapani’s workshops out of wood and canvas, retrace the Passion of Christ. Housed in the church, the Mysteries are then carried in procession on Good Friday.